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Reader Question: Which is better on a jogger stroller, front swivel wheel or doesn’t swivel?

Hi, I love your site. I am looking for a jogging stroller. I am confused about swivel and fixed wheel. What is the difference between them and which is safer if I am planning to walk on not perfectly paved roads such as sand, rocks, etc?




Hi Florence,

Front swivel wheel allows a loose control of a stroller, which makes it easier to turn corners. This ensures a seamless jog for both parent and baby. However, if the stroller will be used for a more difficult terrain such as sand and rocks, having a non-swiveling stroller might be more useful. These types of strollers are built for more manual control, so the wheels are more inclined to stay on track.

If you’re a jogger, then it will hard to keep control in your jogging with the front swivel wheel. And if you’re going to mostly walk, then swivel wheel is perfect for you. Because the swivel wheel gives you more ability to navigate through them easily.



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