All You Need To know About Newborn Baby Care

A baby’s arrival is the most beautiful time for a mother. A journey of nine months finally comes to an end, and it is time to hold your new bundle of joy in your hands. The baby may look puffy, but that is normal. He just got out of your womb.

Caring for a newborn is easy and difficult to the same extent if you have no idea how to. Babies are fragile, and they need lots of love and care. Understanding ways of giving your newborn the best care is the best thing you can do.


1. Feeding Your Baby

Feeding Your Baby

Consider the following tips for feeding your young one;

    • Always feed your baby with breast milk during the first months of life

Breast milk has all the nutrients the baby needs during this time. No additions are required. To maintain a healthy supply of milk for your baby feeding, you will have to nurse every 2-3 hours. Exclusive nursing is recommended for the first six months.

When lactating is not an option due to various medical conditions, stick with formula milk.

    • Always feed your baby on demand

Newborns require about eight to twelve feeds a day. Signs of hunger in a newborn include sucking motions, lip movements, stirring and stretching. The baby gets fussy as the hunger increases, and this is not okay. Soothing a hungry baby is hectic.

When the baby is satisfied, he or she will stop sucking, close the mouth, or just fall asleep.

  • With enough breastfeeding, Vitamin D can be an added supplement as breast milk is low in this vitamin.Vitamin D is essential for the healthy bone formation and helps the body absorb phosphorous and calcium.

2. Baby Sleeping Schedules

Baby Sleep

The first three months after birth are critical to your child and you too. This is what you need to know about your new baby sleeping schedules;

  • A majority of babies are born with day/night confusion. The baby will sleep during the day and wake up at night. It means that you will stay awake longer during the evening.
  • Babies have to sleep. But even so, they sleep in short bursts.
  • A baby also eats between sleep. So when he or she falls asleep during feeding, do not worry. It is normal.
  • Just because a baby is asleep does not mean that he or she is not hungry. In the first two weeks, the baby will sleep a lot, and you may have to wake them up to feed.

3. Every Day Baby Care

Baby Care

  • Face: Wash baby’s face daily with baby soap. Do not worry about the redness, acne or sharp tips; they are harmless.
  • Hair: Wash baby hair with a gentle baby shampoo at most three times a week. After washing dry the hair with a soft towel and brush it with a soft baby hairbrush to remove the scales.
  • Eyes: Some babies have blocked tear duct characterized by a yellow discharge or crusty eye. It happens with newborns. Wipe the eyes with a moist cotton ball.
  • Nails: Always keep your baby’s nails short. They nails are soft, but the baby’s skin is also quite sensitive. Use baby nail clippers to clip especially after a bath or when he or she is asleep, and the fingers are relaxed.
  • The skin: Some babies are born with atopic dermatitis, an inheritable skin condition characterized by itchy red patches. Give short births and use mild baby soap with lukewarm water. Apply a hypoallergenic skin cream after a bath and stick to cotton clothing.
  • Bottom: Baby diaper rash result from too much moisture on the sensitive skin. Change baby diapers frequently, rinse the bottom with warm water after each change and dry using a soft cotton towel. Apply petroleum jelly massage lightly.
  • Umbilical cord: Keep the umbilical cord stump clean and dry to keep your baby healthy. Use sponge baths until the stump shrivels and falls off.
  • Circumcision: After the circumcision, the penis tip is swollen with a yellow scab. Cleaning the genital area with warm water and applying petroleum jelly to the tip will protect it from sticking to the diapers.

4. Baby Proofing

baby proofing

Before the amazing little creature gets here, there are some things you must do to prepare;

House proofing
  • Install and carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher and always have an emergency fire escape route.
  • Have a first aid kit for babies at hand and also emergency numbers in your phone.
  • Repaint the house if there are any peelings.
  • Reduce room lighting as bright light can cause discomfort to a newborn.
  • Baby baths tabs should be slip resistant.

Should you feel the need to establish a nursery here are some things that you need to consider

  • The bassinet should be smooth with no sharp protrusions. The mattress should be firm and fitting with no pillows or comforters.
  • The changing table should be curvy and have guardrails on all four sides.
  • Position your crib away from windows, lamps, heaters, wall and cords.
The car
  • Purchase a car that can accommodate an infant seat, and install it firmly in the middle of the back seat.

Take first aids lessons and learn how to give infant CPR and how to handle choking.

5. Baby Products

baby product

Below are some of the most necessary products you will need to move, feed, and cloth your child;

Baby clothes
  • Have preemie sized clothes for your child and the next size close as kids grow fast.
  • The clothes should be comfy and easy to put on. Go for the soft, roomy and durable clothing.
  • Your child will need bodysuits and pajamas, especially for napping and playing.
  • You may buy some rompers as they cover the baby back properly and hold diapers in place.
  • Go T-shirts with turtlenecks. They will come in handy during the cold season.
  • Look out for leggings or pull on pants with a stretchy waistband that will fit perfectly over your baby’s diaper and belly.
  • Your child will also require sweaters, jackets, and sweatshirts that zip up and are roomy. Hooded jumpers and sweaters are essential.
  • The child will need a lot of warm socks and a broad-brimmed summer hat or a warm hat for the winter.
  • Baby stroller
  • Babies need many diapers in a day. Though not recommended, wipes may come in handy.


Babies are fascinating. They are amazing little creatures to have around. Keeping your newborn warm, fed, dry and comfortable keeps the baby at peace. A quite house is appropriate for raising a child. When everything is ready for the baby, you will worry less. A happy baby is a happy mother.

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