Different Types of Baby Strollers- The Best For Your Child?

Baby strollers are mostly referred to by parents as a godsend as they make things easier and more convenient as far as transporting children. As of today, there are hundreds of different brands and a dozen or more specific types of strollers, each of which provide for a certain set of needs and preferences. For parents who are not quite sure as to which stroller to buy, it is imperative to gain a working understanding of what choices are available and which one would provide for their child’s needs.

Types Of Stroller

Listed below are the different types of baby strollers, along with the description of their features and benefits. In addition, there are practical guidelines and tips on choosing the right stroller based on the age of your child, budget, where you live, and other relevant considerations.


Standard Strollers

Standard Stroller

If you are looking for a durable stroller that is easy to push and can accommodate your child from infancy all the way to toddlerhood, standard units make for the best choice. As far as features go, standard strollers do not necessarily have all the bells and whistles but they do have fully reclining seats and are designed to roll well on smooth surfaces such as polished city sidewalks and malls.

  • These are your basic strollers that have all the essentials sans the exorbitant cost.
  • It lacks many desirable features such as handbrake, adjustable handles, and mp3/iPod dock.

Pram/Carriage Type Strollers

Pram Stroller

For parents of newborns who are fond of leisurely walks, this type of stroller would be a perfect choice. Prams and carriages are often flat and rectangular in shape to accommodate a horizontal (often sleeping) baby. The cushions are particularly soft and fluffy since newborns tend to roll from side to side, thus the need for adequate support and comfort. In addition, there is always a canopy attached to the unit, which provides shade when needed.

  • Prams are mostly easy to control and are lightweight so there is no need to exert much effort. These also tend to be quite stylish and proper so parents would enjoy showing it off along with their newborn baby.
  • These strollers are not designed for long distance travels mainly because the tires cannot take on a lot of mileage. In addition, prams and carriages are not compatible with car seats so you will have to fold them and transfer the child to another unit when traveling.

Jogging/Running Strollers

Jogging Stroller

Parents who maintain an active lifestyle despite their busy home schedule prefer this type of stroller as it is meant exactly for running and/or jogging. Among the most common features of this type of stroller include wrist strap, 4-point harness, thick tires, easy swivel wheels, and a lightweight frame(combination of high density polyethylene and titanium or other type of strong metal). Read More…

  • The air filled tires can go for miles without failing so you need not worry about interrupted jogging sessions. In addition, the frame is quite sturdy that it can take the weight of the baby and absorb impact from bumps. These strollers can also tackle different types of terrains, although they are not meant for snow or sleet.
  • These can be just a tad expensive for most people since the units are equipped with a number of safety features and other added accessories.

Lightweight Strollers

Lighweight Stroller

These are extremely popular these days as parents are more partial to light implements and supplies for their children. Lightweight strollers are mostly made of sturdy materials and are intended for long distance walks and for running errands since they are very easy to handle and manipulate. Read More…

  • These are perfect for taking to the grocery store or for shopping with children. They can be pushed with one hand only, leaving another free to carry bags and other items.
  • Lightweight strollers are not ideal for newborns since they can be unstable and easily jostled. In addition, these units do not have reclining seats, which can be a tad uncomfortable for children.

Double Strollers

Double Stroller

While it is quite exciting to have twins, there are certain arrangements that need to be made, not least of which is providing for adequate accommodation for two babies at once. Double strollers cater specifically to parents with twins or two very young children. Among the most common features of this stroller include side-by-side seats, food and drinks tray, and double canopy. The frame and wheels are also reinforced to provide more support and stability when in motion. Read More…

  • Needless to say, double strollers simplify things for parents of twins. All essentials for two babies are provided for in one neat and mobile package so it is like pushing just one stroller with two passengers in tow.
  • Double strollers are often more expensive than singles and standard units on account of more features and better materials.

All Terrain/Heavy Duty Strollers

All Terrain Stroller

These are perhaps the most coveted type of stroller today since it has pretty much every imaginable feature there is. For starters, AT strollers are notoriously reliable and safe on account that they are built to tackle all types of surfaces. Among the features you can expect from a heavy duty AT stroller include 3 large wheels (for better balance), easy swivel mechanism, and extra soft cushions.

  • These strollers are designed to last a very long time so one is likely all you will need to buy regardless of how many children you intend to have. In addition, these strollers can be used on all types of surfaces and in all kinds of weather including rain and snow.
  • Due to its features and design, an all-terrain stroller is most likely the most expensive piece of baby essential any parent will ever purchase. However, it is well worth every cent.

Travel System

Travel System Stroller

While this is technically a stroller, it is so much more than just a seat on wheels. The travel system is more of a package that is designed to provide parents with everything they will need when traveling with a baby. Among the features and items included are a car seat and a toddler stroller base. Read More

  • It is compatible with most cars and can be easily assembled even by novice parents.

There are many other kinds of baby strollers in the market today, each one providing for a unique set of needs for young children as well as their parents. The best baby strollers are those that provide excellent value and deliver on their promise of comfort and safety at all times.

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