Best Baby Jogger’s Double Stroller Models

Navigating the world with multiple young children or twins can be an exciting adventure, but it poses some unique challenges. One such challenge is transportation – more specifically, how to efficiently and safely move your little ones from place to place. That’s where double strollers come in. They are a game-changer for parents, offering convenience, safety, and comfort. In this review, we’ll take a close look at three double stroller models from Baby Jogger, a trusted brand in child mobility solutions: the City Mini GT2 Double, the Summit X3 Double, and the City Mini 2 Double.


Baby Jogger’s Double Stroller Models

City Mini GT2 Double

Regarded as a workhorse in the world of double strollers, the City Mini GT2 Double delivers top-notch functionality with unparalleled ease of use. Its sturdy yet lightweight design caters flawlessly to the urban lifestyle. Equipped with all-terrain wheels and front-wheel suspension, it ensures a smooth and comfortable ride for your little ones, regardless of the road conditions. The stroller features plush, reclinable seats and adjustable calf supports to provide the utmost comfort. Furthermore, the City Mini GT2 Double boasts a one-step, hand-operated compact fold mechanism that adds to its convenience. As for safety, it gets a big thumbs up as it comes with a 5-point harness system, UV 50+ sun canopies, and a hand-operated parking brake. This model truly stands out for its versatility, marrying function and form to ensure every ride is a journey of comfort for your children and ease for you. It is adaptable, accommodating up to two car seats, making it a perfect choice for growing families or those with twins.

Ease of Use: The stroller features a simple one-step, in-seat fold, making it easy to collapse and store.

Comfort: Plush padded seats recline to a near-flat position, ensuring a comfortable ride for your kids.

Storage: It comes with an extra-large storage basket, providing plenty of space for all your essentials.

Durability: The stroller’s frame is designed to last, handling rough terrains with ease.

Pricing: The City Mini GT2 Double offers great value for its price, standing out in its class for affordability and quality.

Summit X3 Double

The Summit X3 Double is an outstanding performer, particularly suited for active, outdoorsy families. Its key feature is its remarkable versatility – it is as at home on rugged hiking trails as it is in busy shopping malls. This stroller comes equipped with air-filled rubber tires and a front-wheel suspension system, ensuring a smooth, jolt-free ride on any surface. It’s also designed with a remote wheel lock on the handlebar, allowing for a quick shift between jogging and strolling mode. The seats are plush, reclinable, and feature vented tops for better airflow on warm days. The Summit X3 Double also boasts UV 50+ sun canopies and a sizable storage compartment for convenience. Its safety features, such as the five-point harness and hand-operated rear drum brakes, make it a safe and reliable choice. The Summit X3 Double is robust, comfortable, versatile, and perfect for active parents who don’t want to slow down.

Ease of Use: Quick fold technology allows you to fold the stroller in one easy step.

Comfort: With a padded seat and multi-position recline, your little ones can rest comfortably during the ride.

Storage: It includes a large under-seat basket and multiple seat-back storage compartments for all your belongings.

Durability: The stroller’s robust frame and air-filled rubber tires ensure longevity and seamless rides on all types of terrains.

Pricing: While it’s priced higher than the City Mini GT2 Double, its additional features justify the cost.

City Mini 2 Double

The City Mini 2 Double is the epitome of urban mobility, offering simplicity without skimping on functionality. This stroller is renowned for its slim, compact design, making it the ideal choice for navigating crowded city streets or tight spaces. Its lightweight frame doesn’t compromise on durability and can comfortably accommodate two children. The seats are plush, reclinable, and come with adjustable calf supports for maximum comfort. The City Mini 2 Double also features UV 50+ sun canopies and a generously-sized under-seat storage basket. It’s practicality personified, thanks to the signature one-step, in-seat fold that Baby Jogger models are renowned for. Safety isn’t overlooked, with a secure 5-point harness system and a hand-operated parking brake. The City Mini 2 Double shines as a convenient, compact, and city-friendly double stroller, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride for your little ones.

Ease of Use: Its lightweight design offers exceptional maneuverability, and it folds remarkably flat for transporting or storing.

Comfort: Adjustable calf supports and near-flat seat recline keep your children comfortable, whether awake or asleep.

Storage: Despite its compact size, the stroller comes equipped with large storage baskets.

Durability: Its sturdy frame and durable fabric make it capable of withstanding daily wear and tear.

Pricing: The City Mini 2 Double is an affordable choice without compromising on essential features.

Comparison with Competitors

When compared to the city mini® GT2 double stroller, city select® 2 double stroller, and summit™ X3 Double Stroller, the Baby Jogger models hold their own. They strike a balance of affordability, durability, comfort, and ease of use that many other strollers struggle to match. While other strollers might have specific features that outshine the Baby Jogger models, none provide the same overall blend of key qualities.


Choosing a double stroller depends on your specific needs, lifestyle, and budget. Each model we reviewed brings unique strengths to the table. The City Mini GT2 Double excels in urban environments with its maneuverability, the Summit X3 Double is perfect for active, outdoor-loving families, and the City Mini 2 Double shines with its compact size and affordability. Ultimately, all three Baby Jogger models are high-quality, dependable choices for easing the journey of parenting multiple young children.

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