Best Chicco Double Stroller Models: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Growing Family

Navigating the world of children’s gear can be a daunting task, particularly when you’re shopping for double strollers. As parents of twins or two young children, you need a double stroller that will make your life easier. Chicco, a renowned brand in the baby gear industry, offers a selection of double strollers designed to cater to various needs. In this review, we explore three popular Chicco double stroller models – the Cortina Together Double Stroller, the BravoFor2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller, and the Chicco Echo Twin Stroller. We’ll break down their features, compare them, and help you decide which one is the best fit for your growing family.


Cortina Together Double Stroller

The Cortina Together Double Stroller is a fantastic choice for families seeking comfort and convenience. As the first double stroller to accept two of the #1-rated KeyFit or KeyFit 30 infant car seats, the Cortina Together Double Stroller is designed with versatility in mind. With an innovative, front-back design, it offers maneuverability comparable to a single stroller, despite being able to accommodate two passengers. This model also boasts a one-hand fold mechanism, making it easy to fold and store. Its features are designed with parents’ convenience in mind, including a large storage basket, adjustable canopies, and independent reclining seats. The Cortina Together Double Stroller is a combination of functionality and comfort, making it an excellent choice for your growing family.

The Cortina Together Double Stroller is the epitome of comfort and convenience. Designed for two children, this stroller boasts a multitude of features aimed at making your life easier.

  • Ease of Use: Its one-hand activated, standing fold mechanism and front-wheel suspension ensure smooth rides and easy maneuverability.
  • Durability: With a sturdy, innovative design, it promises longevity, making it a sound investment for your family’s future outings.
  • Comfort: Featuring fully-reclining seats with individual canopies and footrests, your children are guaranteed a comfortable ride.
  • Price: While it is on the pricier side, the durability, comfort, and convenience it offers validate the cost.
  • Design: Its sleek design and thoughtful features like the parent tray with cup holders add a stylish touch to practicality.

Compared to its counterparts, the Cortina Together Double Stroller stands out with its impressive longevity and one-hand fold feature.

BravoFor2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller

The BravoFor2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller is a versatile option for families with an infant and a toddler. It offers a variety of seating options and is suitable for children up to 40 pounds. The stroller can be used as a traditional travel system with an infant car seat, as a standing platform for older children, or as a seated stroller using the traditional front seat. Its compact design makes it easy to maneuver in tight

  • Ease of Use: The one-hand, quick-fold design ensures easy handling, particularly when juggling two children.
  • Durability: Constructed with a robust frame, it is built to withstand the test of time (and toddlers!).
  • Comfort: It offers both a traditional padded stroller seat and a rear platform for older children to stand or sit.
  • Price: Given its unique design and versatility, it offers excellent value for money.
  • Design: Its modern, compact design makes it perfect for on-the-go families navigating through busy streets or crowded stores.

When compared to other models, the BravoFor2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller shines with its unique standing platform feature and compact design.

Chicco Echo Twin Stroller

The Chicco Echo Twin Stroller is a practical and compact double stroller, perfect for parents seeking mobility and convenience. Designed for twins or close-aged siblings, this side-by-side stroller accommodates children from birth up to ‎15 Kilograms. It combines a classic design with modern features, providing comfort and ease for both the children and the parents. Let’s delve into its distinct features.

The Chicco Echo Twin Stroller is a practical and durable stroller perfect for everyday outings.

  • Ease of Use: Its lightweight frame, combined with a compact umbrella fold mechanism, makes it easy to handle and ideal for travel.
  • Durability: Despite its light frame, it is sturdy and well-built, designed to last.
  • Comfort: Each stroller seat independently adjusts for customized comfort. The 4-position backrest, adjustable leg rest, and full canopies ensure a comfortable ride for your little ones.
  • Price: It is an affordable option that doesn’t compromise on quality or comfort.
  • Design: Available in several vibrant colors, the Echo Twin Stroller combines functionality with fun aesthetics.

Among its counterparts, the Echo Twin stands out with its lightweight, compact design, making it perfect for travel and quick outings.


Choosing a double stroller is no small feat, and Chicco offers a variety of options to cater to different family needs. If longevity and ease of use are your top priorities, the Cortina Together Double Stroller will serve you well. If you’re juggling an infant and a toddler who craves independence, the BravoFor2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller offers versatility. And for families always on the go, the lightweight and compact Echo Twin Stroller might be the perfect fit.

Remember, the best double stroller for your family ultimately depends on your unique needs, lifestyle, and budget. Take the time to evaluate what features are most important to you and how each stroller model aligns with those needs. Happy strolling!

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