Best Tandem Jogging Strollers Reviews for Infant and Toddler 2020

When selecting and buying a baby jogging stroller, there are two basic styles you can purchase, the Tandem, also called inline Stroller with the seats one behind the other, or the Side By Side baby jogger which has the seats arranged one beside the other. The most commonly bought baby stroller is the side by side.

However, there are many great benefits in buying Tandem Jogging Strollers as they are usually smaller in size, weigh less, and are more convenient to push or fold for transportation and storage. Tandem or inline strollers allow two or three children to sit one behind the other, giving them separate space that prevents quarreling or bickering common with children in one space.

Tandem Jogging Strollers

Tandem jogging Strollers are much narrower than the Side by Side joggers. This makes it a lot easier when going through normal size doorways and walking on busy sidewalks.

Top 4 Best Tandem Jogging Strollers

1. Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller with Second Seat

Baby Jogger City Select is a luxury stroller that has become very popular because of its ability to transform from a single stroller into a double with an addition of a bassinet, car seat adapter or additional seat. With the second seat, you get 16 different combinations of the seating arrangement. It is a smooth stroller that looks and feels very modern.Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller with Second Seatamazon button


Second seat
The main reason why this stroller became so popular is the ability to convert from a single into a double mode. If you are having a second child, don’t buy a second stroller; just add a second seat which is sold separately. You can also use a car seat or a pram for a newborn, and it’s easy to attach too.

Large canopy
It has a large three section canopy that will protect your child from sunlight and other elements. You kid can take a nap anywhere very well covered. It has a large peekaboo window with magnetic closure.

The seat is 12″ wide and 21″ high from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy. Also, you can adjust the canopy to get 3 more inches at the top. This provides a lot of comfort and space to your kid. It has one-hand lever recline. The seat is one molded piece, so when you recline it, the whole seat will recline keeping its v shape. This seat is recommended for 6 months and up to 45 lbs per seat. This seat is reversible, meaning you can flip it, so your baby is facing you or the world.

Easy to clean fabric
The seat is very easy to clean. You can take off the fabric and machine wash it in cold water with mild detergent. Easy! To dry it, just reattach it to the frame and let it air dry. Do not use a dryer as it may cause shrinkage.

The City Select is a 4-wheel model with two lightweight 8″ wheels in the front and 12″ wheels in the back. It has all forever-air tires meaning they will never go flat because they are filled with lightweight foam instead of air. The front wheels are swivel but can be locked straight for tougher terrain. It has a hand brake that is located on the side of the handlebar which is easier to reach than a foot brake.


  • With a single seat, this stroller weighs 28 lbs. That is heavy, and after adding extra seat, this stroller becomes harder to push.
  • Though very durable, and easy to clean, this fabric is also a bit rough and scratchy which is not comfortable for small babies.

This tandem jogging stroller is great whether you have one kid or two. If you already have one and you are expecting another baby, don’t fret. Get yourself another seat, and all your problems will be taken care of.

2. Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller

This lightweight stroller weighs only 33.8 pounds. It includes staggered style seating that allows occupants to enjoy rides on the stroller with a good view of the surroundings. Each seat accommodates baby weights of 40 pounds, with a total weight capacity of 80 lbs. It is a fantastic stroller with 7 configurations of seating for easy maneuverability and many unique accessories. The weight recommendation and product price are also satisfactory. This inline stroller won’t disappoint you.

amazon button


Large canopies
This stroller offers large canopies that have mesh windows so children can still see out into the world. The canopies also protect from rain, and intense heat and two kids can sleep well protected.

The best feature of this stroller is its ability to adjust the seats in 7 different ways as well as the footrest area. So, you can have one seat lying in the flat reclining position for your smaller baby, and then have an other seat in the fully upright position with a wider footrest space for your toddler. It’s also height adjustable for both the parent and the kids. When the kids need some time apart, you can turn the seats back to back which is a great feature.

There are nice large side pockets with zips on each seat that are perfect for holding little cups or toys, and there is a strong storage basket underneath, which carries all the kid’s necessities and toys.

The stroller has everything you could need for your stroller. A 5 point safety harness, an extra belly bar that fits over the child in the seat, where you could attach a toy, mesh canopies that are expandable, and a brake system that will impress you greatly. The rubber coated EVA back wheels absorb shock and make the ride comfortable even on bumpy surfaces.


  • The cup holder is not the biggest, and some of my larger bottles don’t fit in it.
  • When you detach one seat, you cannot take the bars off that hold the seat in place, which looks a bit clumsy.

This tandem jogger stroller is the best lightweight stroller you will find on the market. The height adjustable handle will accommodate you and your taller husband perfectly.

3. Childcraft The Trio Sports Triple Tandem Stroller

When expecting triplets or have three young children looking for a stroller that will fit your needs can be a daunting exercise. Getting a stroller that has three seats, enough storage and flexible enough to push three kids because we know they are heavy is hard enough but this affordable stroller will solve all these problems.


This Sports multi-child stroller has the perfect balance of strength and mobility. Constructed with durable tubing that is lightweight and can carry almost 120 pounds. The three height positions are adjustable to accommodate different sized children. Able to fit through any standard size door, your kids can be strapped in indoors.

SafeBrake Brake system
The Sports stroller has a great braking system that will brake instantly, therefore, minimizing skidding and accidents. Childcraft the Trio Sports Triple Tandem Stroller Brakes activate when the handle is released. The shock absorbing wheels absorb impact making the ride comfortable for the kids. Carrying three kids in one space requires the parent to be ultra-careful and this stroller gives you comfort that your children are safe.

Sun blocking canopies for each child
The Trio Sports Triple Tandem stroller comes with sun blocking canopies for each child. These canopies protect from the elements and give you privacy when the kids fall to sleep. You get a 5-point harness on each seat, so your little ones are well situated and protected from falls.

Easy to clean fabric and storage space
When you are dealing with kids, expect a lot of mess around you. You need a stroller with easy to clean fabric to make cleaning easy and bearable. You need to carry a lot of food, diapers and other stuff for three little humans so storage is paramount, and this stroller affords you that.


  • Seats in this sports stroller don’t recline all the way back. This stroller may not work for newborn babies.
  • The stroller does not accept car seats so when traveling, you will have to have separate car seats for all the three toddlers.

This is one of the best triple strollers in the market. It’s affordable and easy to push around and works on any terrain. It’s the perfect stroller to keep your triplets safe and secure.

4. Mountain Buggy Plus One Inline Double Stroller with Second Seat

Mountain Buggy plus One Inline Double Stroller has two seats one behind the other. This stroller is convenient for parents with two children, allowing the whole family to go out together without the worry of having to carry the kids when they grow tired.

The Mountain Buggy Plus One is very popular with parents who have two kids or are planning on another. With the ability to carry 1 or 2 kids from birth till they are up to 6 years, this stroller is a great choice for active parents who want to make a onetime investment.


Superior maneuverability
The Mountain Buggy requires less force to push the front wheels thanks to perfect weight distribution for enhanced performance. With rear wheel suspension and 12-Inch, air-filled tires provide a smooth ride across all surfaces and glide effortlessly in all terrains. The front wheel locking system is great double tandem jogging stroller.

Newborn Perfect with Carrycot Plus
The mountain stroller is perfect for a newborn. It comes with 7 adjustable seat position settings to accommodate one baby or two and storage. It is very adaptable with the carrycot plus™ technology designed with your baby’s comfort in mind. Carrycot plus™ easily adjusts from lie-flat mode to incline mode, offering a perfect angle for small babies. When your child is older, switch the fabrics to a front and back stroller.

Car Seat Compatible
Parents love the convenience, and the Mountain Plus give parents just that. The fact that it is car compatible makes it easier especially when traveling. Mountain Buggy transforms into a protect infant car seat – an ultra-safe and light car seat with base installation options, so all you got to do is strap the seat the car.

One Hand Fast Fold
This is a new, really easy one hand fold that offers ease and convenience. This comes in handy when strolling in small spaces or when you have to fold it for storage when getting into a car. It has a compact fold so it won’t take a lot of space.


  • This stroller is expensive retailing at a whopping $700. The workmanship on this model is exceptional, and it’s worth the price tag.
  • In as much as this stroller is flexible, it’s quite a heavy weighing around 13 Kgs.

If the price tag isn’t your big worry, consider investing in this stroller for your two toddlers. You will use till your kids outgrow its use. It will make jogging with the little ones much easier. Get the much-needed exercise knowing your kids are will secured in one of the best tandem jogging strollers in the market.

Which Tandem Jogging Strollers is Right for You?

Before you consider investing in a stroller, here are some things you will want to consider.

Know your needs and wants
Twin facing or linear positioning? The twin facing is ideal when spaces are limited and is perfect for little ones to stare at each other and communicate while you take them out. The latter is linear in positioning, which grants the babies immense views of the surroundings to enjoy.

Where are you going to use your baby stroller? You have to take into account the terrain where you are going to do your walking or jogging. Chose strollers with tough wheels that can handle all types of terrain.

How safe is the stroller, does it have a 3, a 4 or a 5 point harness for the child’s safety? What about the coverage? Is the canopy sufficient to keep the child safe from the elements around or not?

You always carry a lot when you have babies with you. A tray at the bottom of the stroller is important to have, which allows all baby items to be housed. From diapers to toys, towels to food, a drinking cup too, the baby would need it all while being out.

These are the best tandem jogging strollers on the market so make sure to check them out when you decide to buy a stroller for your babies.

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