InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller Review

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If you have been looking for a double jogger stroller, you would realize that there are many products on the market in many different price ranges. You may be tempted to go for the most expensive because that would mean better quality, but just because you spend more does not automatically equate to a good product. In fact, the InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller offers great quality at an affordable price. In this InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller review, we reveal the good, the bad and the ugly about the double swivel stroller. Although this stroller is designed for runners it can be used as your go-to everyday stroller. With its convenient and safe design, you will never use another stroller again.

Key Factors Of InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller


Each seat has its own sun canopy that swivels independently and moves smooth enough to adjust while you’re moving. The handle is adjustable for people of different heights with foam padding for added comfort. No more blisters from your hands rubbing on the handle while you’re running. It has a molded flip open child tray with two cup holders and parent tray with dual cup holders as well. Lots of storage space underneath the seats for things like diaper bags or other equipment. Seat covers, made from polyester, are removable for easy cleaning.


Each seat has a five point safety harness so your child will be safe if there is an accident. Your infants would be firmly positioned so they do not jerk about while you move. The Seats recline slightly avoiding child’s head banging against the back of the seat while you’re moving. The pneumatic tires which are filled with air make for a more comfortable ride and added safety when you are on uneven terrain. Locking rear wheels that don’t require you to bend to engage. The stroller also comes with sturdy construction so that it easily resists every situation that it is put through.


Weighing in at only 37 pounds it is easy to lift. The wheels feature a quick release function allowing you to easily collapse them. One handed system makes it easy to collapse with a dual trigger folding system so you can use your other hand for other tasks. Also, it has built-in carrying handles that make moving it easy. Final collapsible size will conveniently fit into most vehicles or a closet in your home. The instant lock switch on the front tire makes it easy to convert from a jogging stroller to regular use.

Price and Availability

Price which fluctuates vary depending on where you purchase it, range from $250.00 down to as low as $150.00. InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller can be purchased from online retailers or through big box store websites and most offer either free shipping or in-store pickup. Big box stores often offer protection plans which can be an added benefit if you know you will be putting the stroller through heavy use. It is available in several different colors which are important if you want a gender neutral color.


  • Easy folding with quick release wheels and dual trigger system.
  • Great storage with a lower basket and two trays with cup holders.
  • Air filled tires with molded frame and locking front swivel tire.
  • Weighs only 37 pounds and has carrying handles.
  • Reclining seats with 5 point safety harnesses.
  • Will comfortably accommodate 2 children up to 50 pounds.



  • At only 32” wide it fits though most doors.
  • Limited one year warranty covering parts and labor.
  • Each seat can hold a child up to 50 pounds for years of use.
  • Two independent 5 position canopies keep out sun and weather.

  • Because it is a double stroller it can tilt to the side if only one child is seated.
  • Backrests are made of particle board which can break.
  • Triangle footrest design may not provide enough space for both children’s feet.
  • Tires need to be pumped up occasionally resulting in the need for a pump.

Q. Will this stroller work in snow and ice?

A. It will work pretty well if there isn’t too much snow or ice.

Q. Will an infant car seat fit into one of the seats without an adaptor?

A. InStep infant seats fit without an adaptor but other seats may not.

Q. Does it fully collapse if I don’t remove the tires?

A. Removing the tires is not necessary they have their own quick release switch to collapse them.

Hi all. I do not believe in the perfect stroller. I wish it existed but I do not believe it does. So instead I look for *good* strollers. This jogger is a *good* stroller. Not perfect, but good. And considering the price, I think it is a *great* value.

I have owned this stroller for 4 months now and have used it 10-15 miles per week. I have a 3-year-old and a 10-month-old and they both fit comfortably in it. The seats are always slightly reclined - my toddler can't sit fully upright in it - but I believe that is for safety. When you are running as fast as I am (ha!) then it is better for the children to be slightly reclined so that their heads don't bob around.

R. Anderson
Amazon Reviewer


InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller
Finding the perfect double jogger stroller at a good price can be difficult. However, the InStep Safari Double Stroller is a great piece of equipment for the price. Why to spend over $300 when you can get this one for less than $200. It has proven to be a great buy, featuring quality workmanship with all the bells and whistles you expect from a jogging stroller. Superior safety will give you the peace of mind you need. It is available for purchase online and through many big box stores, shop for the best price and you can’t go wrong with this stroller.

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