BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller Review

BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller

Are you one of the many mothers out there fervently seeking for ways to get back to great shape some few months after delivery? Well, you can easily make it a habit of strolling around with your baby on the BOB Revolution SE Double Stroller. Coming in perfect design and ideal features like the swivel front wheel, you can do away with the risk of getting the wrong equipment for your young one. Putting in mind that your baby is very precious to you; you can’t afford to miss possessing one of the best items for them.

Key Factors Of BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller


The BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller is able to offer two mesh cabins for kids on board and each with a seat for keeping the kid’s belongings like toys, and snacks close to them. The pockets are of good size enough to hold a sippy cup and can easily be reached even with passengers fully buckled in and inclined.

The stroller doesn’t have an adjustable leg rest but it does offer a nicely padded leg rest with convenient and ample leg room for both children on board. It comes with a strap between the seat bottom and leg rest made of a more rough material to prevent the seat bottom from rubbing on sensitive skin and causing discomfort.

The seats on the BOB are able to recline independently up to 32 degrees allowing each kid to adjust for comfort. Inclination becomes achievable by the aid of a strap on the back of the seat. It isn’t very easy to use as may be the case for other strollers, but can easily and quickly be done with both hands. People raise suggestions that it would be nice if the seats were able to recline more, but the limitation is more for safety purposes while the kids enjoy the open trail. On the other hand, it would be unsafe to jog with kids strapped flat.

Passenger Safety

In all cases, baby gear should always be about safety. It is very crucial for us to take safety measures into great consideration when it comes to strollers and especially double jogging strollers. There have been features in baby strollers that could cause safety hazards. For the BOB, the braking system comprises of a single action brake with a long bar moving across the back of the stroller. The braking bar is easily accessible; it is sandal friendly and easily settable. Releasing of the brakes is quite a stiff task, but can still be easy to accomplish and simple to do on feet. There happens to be no chance of thinking that brakes are engaged once not engaged. Once they are set, the brakes usually have very little play and this makes the stroller immobile until the brake bar is released. The played amount turns out to be very small in the BOB. It is actually around a ¼ of inch slide room.


This stroller has great maneuvers. With a maneuver rating of 9 in 10, it has been proved that even a double stroller could easily move in small spaces over different terrain. The BOB Revolution SE Double Stroller seems to have set the standard for strength and maneuverability that many other double strollers have not attempted to live by. Maneuvering on hard and uncomfortable terrain seems to be an easy task for this stroller. With its 3 wheel make and pneumatic air filled tires, it is able to turn and take tight corners with ease and without prior preparations. It as well does impressively great on grass and gravel. It thus becomes fit for hiking trails and jogging.


The 30 pounds stroller is of relatively average weight, easy to fold and carry in an SUV’s trunk. It is a two hand fold that comes with a manual lock which is not self-standing. It has no carrier handle or strap and thus a little hard to carry on hands. It has a very easy folding process possible in 3 simple steps that are friendly on open and sandaled feet. The stroller’s wheels can be removed to get a more compact package of the same. The setup process of this stroller is quite easy and would only take around five minutes to get it on the road from a box.


  • State of the art suspension system.
  • Front swivel wheel.
  • Front wheel locking system for tough terrain and straight movement.
  • Accessory adapter for the attachment of infant car seats.
  • Ultra padded independently reclining seats for extra comfort.
  • Lightweight frame and easy two ways folding for portability.
  • Five point harness for each seat.
  • Two large and independent canopies for UV protection.
  • A luggage carrier below the seats.
  • Sandal friendly parking brakes.



  • It has a well-padded adjustable handle bar that is comfortable for any height in a standing position.
  • Five-point harness system that is meant to keep the baby safe.
  • Front swivels wheel for easy maneuver
  • Peekaboo windows that allow you to check on kids from above.
  • Independent canopies that act as UV rays barrier.
  • It is a lightweight stroller making it easy to push the stroller.
  • It can be used as a jogging stroller.
  • Easy to clean and thus making the maintenance process very easy
  • It has wide room for babies making it comfortable.

  • Since it is a double stroller, it’s big and thus, storage might be a big deal.
  • The air filled wheels can deflate in the middle of the stroll.
  • The canopies are not easily maneuverable and can easily crash on babies if pulled back.
  • It has a slightly complicated assembly process which can be a headache for beginners.

Q. Can this stroller be transported in a small car?

A. Most of the double strollers are big in size and BOB being one of them, you can’t transport it in the trunk of a small car unless the wheels are detached but a SUV would do best.

Q. Are the BOB wheels removable?

A. The wheels are removable to allow the stroller’s storage in a more compact package.

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We have been using our Bob Duallie for 4 years now and it's still going strong! My kids are now 4 and 5 plus we have a new baby. I bought the car seat adapter to use with the baby's car seat. While it's functional, my baby actually prefers just to sit in the stroller seat itself (now that she can sit on her own). My other 2 kids still love their stroller. Still plenty of room for both a 4 year and 5 year old. I have grown to love the little seat divider - keeps them from "touching" each other. They fabric has worn surprisingly well - and it gets heavy use. No rips or tears and it cleans easily. The thing I still love most - the one handed steering. I can load in all 3 kids (2 in seats, 1 on the front - that's 100 lbs or so) and still have a free hand for coffee! We take it to Disneyland on almost a weekly basis. Both kids still comfortably fall asleep in it as well. I am so happy with our investment.

Amy Jahnke
Amazon Reviewer


BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller
When looking for a quality stroller, the price should come as the last consideration. If you are an all-time runner and an all-terrain enthusiast, then BOB will not be your disappointment especially if you can easily get over the big canopies and the potentially sagging seats on other strollers. In pursuit of reliable joggers and strollers, it is possible to come up with a resolution and that would be choosing BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller.

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