What Age Do You Stop Using a Stroller

Most of the parents nowadays can’t imagine a tour without taking a stroller for their kids. For toddlers or infants, it is one of the must-have products.  But after a certain period of use, an important question arises in your mind about the stroller age limit. How long do kids use stroller– that is the question.


The answer to the question varies from child to child. But generally, the answer is when your child is very much able to stand on their own two feet and walk proficiently, you can stop using a stroller. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that the 3 years old child is too big for a stroller. According to their statement overusing a stroller after three years can interfere with a kid’s physical development.  And as a parent, you are always concern about their perfect physical product.

According to many experts worldwide, children capable of walking should have at least three physical activity hours every day when your child can walk no need to use it.


Why stop using a stroller?

After sweet and memorable toddlerhood as parents, you should stop using a stroller to develop your child’s perfect development. We already discussed that your child might become lazy by using a stroller beyond a certain age limit. So if you are still using it, think about the following:

Walking is an essential part of your kid’s development. If your child spent lots of time in the stroller, the baby would not properly develop her physical strength.


Childhood period to mastering environment. For the better development of a baby, she needs to be active. After 2 to 3 years, ‘ kids are suggested to have at least three physical activity hours per day. Something like dancing, swimming, cycling, walking or anything like that helps them grow up as an active one.


For developing muscle and bones, children need to get out of the stroller. The more they play, the more they get strength. Besides that, playing with other social skills, such as interacting with others, will be developed.


By holding your kids’ hand and walking can help them to explore nature. They can feel nature better way. They can smell the flower and ask many things about the surroundings, which are very helpful for their mental development.


Stroller sometimes may be a hindrance to a child’s development. After a certain age, using a stroller can create damage to their willingness to do something new. They were unable to function as independently as she should at the age.


Though they are too little to walk but don’t underestimate their ability to walk. When your super active youngster is walking and running around you, it is enjoyable to your eyes.



Why you generally use the stroller for big kids?

There is some reason why you might be using the stroller for your big kids are the following:

A stroller makes the mom or parent’s life so much easy. You can take your kids with you to any destination faster than the foot. If you go for a long day trip, then the little leg must be tired. Providing rest to those tiny leg strollers is the perfect thing you have. Besides that, by umbrella stroller, you can quickly provide shade to them.


Another main reason to use the stroller is safety. You can’t always put your eyes on them while shopping or walking. Into the stroller, you can buckle up them quickly and ensure their safety.


The growth of every child is not equal. Besides, that surroundings or environment around each child may not be the same. Based on necessity, sometimes a stroller might be the best solution for you.


So, When to stop using the stroller?

From lots of surveys, it is found that mainly the parents use the stroller with kids older than 3 years for convenience and safety. Nobody denies that a stroller provides comfort and protection for the kids. But when a question comes about the development of your baby, then nothing to compromise with it. After three years, if your child is average, try to stop using the stroller like most parents around the world. After three years, your child is too big for a stroller.



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