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Can newborn go in a stroller | How to use stroller for newborns Safety Tips

There is an old wives’ tale that newborn babies should stay inside which is completely false. Fresh air and natural sunlight are essential For both of you and your baby. There is no medical reason not to take her outside the day after the baby born.

But it is sometimes difficult for you to keep the baby in your lap for a long time or while walking. That’s why first thing that comes to your mind is can I use a jogging stroller for a newborn? After this question next and most important question arrives- can newborns go in a stroller?

From many points of view, the question is not very illogical. Since your nappies can’t hold up their heads, you have to make sure that the stroller reclines fully. Besides that, you have to ensure that the stroller has a great suspension mechanism as well as it is very easy to control on any terrain. So it can be said that buying a baby stroller for a newborn is not all that different from buying a new car.

In this article, you have three segments that answer your three main questions that might help to decide whether you go for the stroller or not.


What should consider when buying a stroller for the newborn?

Keeping Your Baby Stable: The first consideration for having a newborn stroller is keeping your baby stable, supported and comfortable. So it would help if you had a very sturdy stroller, structured stroller which has a very excellent suspension system that absorbs all bounces.

Fully Reclined Seat: There are many types of strollers available online. Some strollers fully recline, some recline within fixed limits. Since your baby can not sit up properly, that’s why you should have a stroller with a fully reclining mechanism, so your newborn can lie flat on her back.

Your Living Style: Your stroller size or feature will vary depending on your lifestyle. If you prefer to drive places, you need a lightweight stroller that folds down compactly. If you are very much active, then your stroller must have a good suspension mechanism as well as it is very easy to maneuver.

Car Seat Compatible: Now many modern strollers is giving you the facilities to adjust your favorite baby car seat with the stroller. That allows you to keep your baby very much comfortable while strolling. But experts suggest not letting your child more than two hours in the car seat.

Size Of Your Family: If you have one or two older children, you can go for a double or triple stroller or a stroller with an attachment for an older child. But ensure that every seat is separate from each other, otherwise, you can’t ensure comfort for both children at a time.

Storage Facilities: When you go for walk with your newborn lots of stuff you have to take with you. So another buying tip is choosing a stroller that has large storage spaces. Otherwise, it is difficult to carry an extra bag along with the stroller.

Some Other Features While Buying A Stroller For Newborn:

  1. Go for a stroller that has an easy operating and smooth brakes.
  2. If you go for side by side double stroller then choose one that has a single footrest, otherwise tiny foot of your baby can get stuck between the gap of separate footrest.
  3. Check out the wheel size and handle height carefully.


How can I keep my baby safe in stroller?

Most of the stroller has three or five points harness system to tie up your baby. Always ensure your baby is properly strapped in.

During summer or warm weather don’t keep your baby under the sun for long period. Always use weather and sun protection in the stroller for newborn and ensure perfect airflow while using a shade or canopy. Nowadays almost all baby stroller has a large canopy to protect the rider from sun as well as has one or two mesh window in that canopy to provide required airflow.

Ensure the stability of the stroller. Check that when the seat is reclined fully with your child, the stroller doesn’t tip backward. A modern baby stroller has a base that wide enough not to tip over if your newborn leans over the side. For ensuring more stability don’t hang any bags over the handle.

It could cause it to tip it backward. use the storage basket which proved more stability of the stroller.

Make sure the stroller is properly locked open before you put your child in it. Keep your baby away while open and fold the stroller.

Check the stroller perfectly before every ride. If you have any doubts about any of its accessories, then cancel the ride and fix the issue quickly.

Most importantly, always stay close and don’t keep your baby in the stroller for a long time.


How to keep newborn comfortable on the stroller?

  • No. 1 priority for every parent while using a stroller for a newborn is to keep them safe and comfortable. You can keep your baby comfortable-
  • Putting them in the right clothes to keep your baby comfortable while using a stroller. Ensure proper clothes to make your baby warmer in cooler weather and light dress in warm weather.
  • While there is not a breeze, a clip-on stroller fans that attach to the stroller easily keep your baby cool. Just be sure that the fan is far away from your baby’s finger.
  • Use extra padding on the seat, cushion and shoulder strap. Otherwise newborn can be irritating with those kinds of stuff.
  • Keep your jogging speed constant. It is a very sensitive issue for the newborn. If you vary your jogging speed your newborn can’t adjust with it daily.



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