Triple Jogging Strollers – Which is the Best for 2023

Families with many children often have a hard time finding a stroller that will work for them. It can be challenging to push multiple strollers at once. But, having a stroller that can fit more than one of your children in it at the same time can make traveling much easier. Parents that have twins or triplets may also have difficulty finding a stroller that will work for them. With many families expanding, there is a need for the best triple jogging stroller. A 3 seat jogging stroller makes it easy for mom and dad to take their children out for walks. And also help to go to other places such as the mall or even just out for a walk or jog in the neighborhood.

Triple Jogging Stroller

Jogging strollers are great for running errands or just getting some fresh air with your children. These triple jogging strollers are also helpful if you babysit or care for multiple young children out of your home. These strollers make it easy to explore the outdoors and also get errands done when the children are with you. Many small kids enjoy going for rides in strollers and exploring the outdoors. Fresh air is great for everyone and going on stroller rides is an enjoyable experience for many children and adults alike.


Types of Jogging Stroller for Triplets:

Different types of the stroller are differentiating according to their manufacturing design. But when it comes to jogging stroller for triplets, then you can’t find a lot of variation. Only three types of 3 passenger stroller you can see in the business.


Side-by-side triple jogging stroller: This is the wider option. You can put all of your kid’s shoulder to shoulder. There is an issue about who has to be in front since all three get a front view. When facing out, all of them can watch their surroundings. In general, it is trouble-free to navigate compare to others. Even you will get lots of storage space behind the seating compartment with easier access. Sometimes it may not fit through doors or elevators.


Tandem triple jogging stroller: Tandem stroller or In-line stroller where the passenger seats arrange one after another. It is the narrower option, by the way. You can fit a car seat or bassinet easily. Since their wheelbase is long, it is comparatively hard to maneuver but easy to push.


Wagon Stroller for triplets: Not a typical stroller type. But when the passenger is more than two, it will automatically get a place in the list. You can pull as well as push it. A delightful and attractive moment for little kids when they are into a wagon for its design. Lots of leg space available inside it. It can hold more weight than any other stroller model.


Top 6 Best Triple Jogging Stroller

Listed below, you will find three of the best-rated triple jogging strollers. I hope this article makes it easy to determine which stroller model would best benefit your family or home. Each model has different features and pros and cons. Reviews are based on user reviews and consumer product reviews online for each model of 3 seat stroller.

01. Foundations Trio Sport Tandem Stroller 3 passenger stroller

Parents with tighter spaces will appreciate this stroller as the stroller is vertically aligned. The Childcraft The Trio Sport, Triple Tandem Stroller, aims to deliver functionality, durability, and ease in maneuverability. It is feature-packed to keep your triplets safe and comfortable.

Comfortable back-to-back seats

The seats are aligned with each triplet facing the back of the one in front of him or her. The seats are comfortable and ideal as a triple infant stroller. It will help you get around with your triplets at a younger age. This feature eases mobility.


All-terrain rubberized foam wheels

These wheels are excellent in absorbing shock, ensuring your baby’s comfort. These wheels are less noisy even when taking on hard floors. They are accustomed to all floor types.


Independent Canopies

Every stroller comes with its canopy for sufficient shade. Ensures to protected from the harsh ultraviolet rays to keeping their skin tender and beautiful. The canopies have adequate reach, so they allow the baby to view the surrounding.


Easy to maneuver ergonomic handle

This triple baby stroller makes it easier to maneuver, thanks to its ergonomic handle. It is not too wide, and you can easily make turns and have a firm grip.


Compact and sturdy design

Thanks to its compact and sturdy design, it is strong to help serve you in the long term. With this, it can hold triplets of up to 40 pounds each. Its 5-point harness boosts its sturdy nature.

  • Its seats are comfortable with adequate padding
  • You can use it on the right about any terrain
  • It is space-saving during storage
  • Strong and sturdy structure
  • It is easy to maneuver
  • You will not be able to view all the triplets at the same time. They remain safe and in position.

Control wear and tear by avoiding cleaning it with a stiff brush. Wipe off dirt and dust and ensure that you do not pull it. A soft brush will keep it clean.


02. Joovy Big Caboose Graphite Stand-On Triple Stroller

This best triple jogging stroller features two front-facing seats and one back-facing seat. The two front-facing seats will adapt to fit car seats in them. This is a great feature if you have infants or young children that weigh less than 40 pounds. The rear seat of this stroller has a bent seat and is made for children who are 2.5 ages or older to sit on. This stroller holds up to a maximum weight of 125 pounds. The front two seats are adjustable and do recline for added comfort. The front seats also offer a food tray and an adjustable footrest.

Joovy triple stroller also offers a large storage basket which is handy for any extra items that you may need to bring along on your journey. This 3 seat jogging stroller also offers a locking parking brake which will prevent the stroller from rolling when it is still standing—the brake system adding a safety feature that is great about this stroller mode.

Things Parents Like:

  • This model folds up easily. It folds flat for the most part and is easy to open and close.
  • The leg rests are easy to adjust.
  • This is a comfortable stroller for children to nap in.
  • The canopy is adjustable and can move in different directions depending on the sun.
  • This model is the same width as a single stroller.

Things to Improve:

  • The handlebar is not adjustable.
  • This model is hefty.
  • This stroller is difficult to get in and out of your vehicle without help from another person.
  • The turning radius is vast.
  • The footrest is short on this model and can not be adjusted.


Overall this is a great stroller. There are no known defects about it, and it is safe for your children. This model is the same width as a standard stroller but is longer due to a 3 seat jogging stroller. The stroller is cumbersome but sturdy and might require help getting in and out of your vehicle. The model folds down flatter than other similar models, which is a positive. However, it cannot be easy to turn corners with this model, and it does make wide turns based on how long it is. Not all car seat models are compatible with this stroller, so be sure to check the product website to see if your car seat model would be compatible before purchasing this.

03. Child Craft Sports Triple Stroller

This multi-passenger stroller features an individual reclining seat and having 5-point harness for safety. You can adjust the harness according to your kid’s size. Every seat can hold up to 40 lbs that mean its maximum weight recommendation is around 120 lbs. As a heavy-duty stroller 1-year warranty ensure its durability.

For rider comfort, it has a rubberized and foam wheel that can absorb shock. In any terrain, this wheel can run very smoothly. A safe brake system available, and it engages when the stroller handle is released. The front seat has a soft safety bar for protection.

In-line Stadium design seating arrangement make sure maximum visibility for every passenger and increase interaction with their surroundings. In addition, large size canopy absorbs UV ray and provide maximum sun protection.


Things Parents Like:

  • An easy folding mechanism just pulls up the red safety locks and folds forward.
  • Compact stroller, which makes it very handy to carry.
  • Easy to clean fabric.
  • Large storage space behind the seating compartment.
  • Stadium seating design.
  • It fits almost all the moderate-size doorways.
  • Easy to maneuver.


Things to Improve:

  • The handlebar and footrest are not adjustable.
  • The canopy is not big enough to protect the sun when it is low.
  • Weight is on the heavier side.


When there is a multi-passenger, then it is vital to have a turntable wheel. Otherwise, the turning radius gets large and difficult on the corner side of the road. So this nice stroller has a turntable wheel. The back seat reclines almost halfway, and the front two recline slightly—all in all, very nice stroller for triplets.


04. BeBeLove USA Triple Jogging Stroller


This triple jogging stroller features individual storage for each seat, making it easy to stay organized with your children’s belongings and snacks for each child. The front wheels of this stroller do not pivot, and the tires are air-fixed. This feature will keep the stroller from rolling away from you and is a good safety feature to keep the stroller in place when stopped.

Each seat in this stroller also offers a five-point safety harness that ensures each passenger stays in place over any bumps that you might travel across. This stroller weighs 57 pounds and can hold up to 50 pounds in weight total. In addition, this stroller comes with an awning over it that will help keep the sun off your children’s faces. The awning also offers shade to your passengers and is a good way to keep them cool on a warm day.


Things Parents Like:

  • Children fit nicely into the seats.
  • This stroller is easy to run with and works great if you intend on using it while running or jogging.
  • The handlebar is higher up than other models, which makes it easier to push while running or if you are tall.

Things to Improve:

  • The sun visor will blowback with a small amount of wind.
  • This model is bulky and large.
  • This model does not come with a rain shield.


BeBeLove triple jogging stroller is easy to push while running or jogging. However, it is difficult to turn corners with. If you intend to go only in a straight line while moving, this stroller is great, but this stroller is not the model for you if you need to turn corners. This item is bulky and tremendous. However, children do fit easily and comfortably in the seats. The footrests can adjust to different positions. The front wheels are known to have issues with this model. But sometimes, making sure the wheels are extra tight might help them from coming off. Be sure to always check the wheels before using this stroller.

05. Peg Perego Triplette Piroet Stroller

This modern and stylish stroller features a new streamlined chassis with fashionable seats. Kids are in comfort all the way in their travel with the spacious stroller. Every seat can hold up to 50 lbs. In addition, you can rearrange the seat in many configurations.

Peg Perego Triplette Piroet Stroller with Primo Viaggio 4/35 Infant Car Seats and Diaper Bag - Atmosphere

All the seats are adjustable, and you can configure them to face you, the world, or each other. The seat can attach with strong aluminum chassis without an adaptor. But you will need adaptors for other infant car seats, which are available with the stroller.

The wheels are made with polyurethane and large in size. Ball bearings and suspension make the stroller push with ease. Also, your kids have a nice soft ride in any terrain. Finally, you can fold it with or without a seat.

Things Parents Like:

  • Every seat has an extendible mesh ventilated canopy.
  • Adjustable footrest and backrest.
  • Car seat compatible.
  • This stroller offers one-handed steering.
  • Huge storage space.
  • Powerful and centrally controlled rear braking system.
  • Stylish diaper bag with it.


Things to Improve:

  • Price is high than others.
  • Difficult to access the under basket.
  • Have to use all the seat at a time.

Peg Perego Triplette Piroet Stroller is made in Italy with a one-year warranty. It delivers lots of promise to ensure the safety and an excellent time of the triplets. Its agile font swivel wheel provides the best maneuver through the narrowest places. Compare to others, and it needs less effort to push. If money is not an issue, then it would be the best buy.

06. Valco Baby Tri Mode Duo X All Terrain Double Stroller

This double stroller can easily convert into a 3 seat jogging stroller. The toddler seat would need to be purchased separately to convert the stroller. This stroller features adjustable footrests and auto-locking wheels. It’s nice that it can use as a double stroller or convert into a triple stroller.

This stroller is versatile, which could be a plus for families that may need the option for a 3 seat jogging stroller but would also benefit from using it as a 2 seat jogging stroller. It folds up compactly so that it is easy to fit in the trunk of your vehicle. This stroller also features adjustable handlebars and a canopy to help shade children or protect them from rain. The Valco Baby Tri-Mode Stroller also features low-profile all-terrain tires for added comfort over any bumps in the road. It works well over uneven ground and is great for off-roading or walking on trails.


  • This model is easy to fold up.
  • This model rolls through grass and other terrains easily.
  • Children of all sizes fit easily into this model because it has wider seats than other similar strollers.
  • The folding basket is large and great for putting items into that you need to bring along.
  • The canopy on this works well to block out the sun.
  • The seats recline easily.


  • This model is hard to get through doorways due to its size.
  • The tires on this model are filled with air and can go flat.
  • This model does not have a snack tray.

This stroller is also difficult to push and requires strength to be able to maneuver. The tires of this model are filled with air, so always check the air pressure on them as they are known to go flat at times if air pressure is not maintained and checked regularly. This model does fit children of all sizes easily and has wider seats which are a plus. This stroller works well when pushed through grass and over other surfaces. Valco Tri Mode Duo would work well if you were walking on a trail or other surfaces.

07. Radio Flyer Collapsible Wagon

Though the large wagon states no more than two for its two seatbelts, you can easily put the 3rd passenger into it if no need for a seat belt. Its weight recommendation is 150 lbs. It is huge! Almost weight of the standard person, I mean that’s me.

The updated one is generally a 3 in 1 wagon. It has 3 riding options: hauling, seating, and bench seating. A zipper available on the side of the wagon to convert to bench seating from hauling. Seats are padded with soft materials.

Radio Flyer 3-In-1 EZ Folding, Outdoor Collapsible Wagon for Kids & Cargo, Red

Already mention that it has seatbelts for safety. Besides, that has a canopy with retractable poles. The poles can retract smoothly and snap into place. The canopy folds up easily, just like the stroller. Easy to fold and storage make the stroller very handy.


Things Parents Like:

  • Easy one hand flat fold.
  • Telescoping canopy poles.
  • Canopy can store in a rear storage pouch.
  • Two cup holders for parents.
  • Huge storage capacity up to 150 lbs.
  • Fabric use in this stroller is durable and easy to clean.
  • Its canvas won’t get hot.


Things to Improve:

  • Not perfect for a baby under 1.5 years.
  • Less storage space, need more.
  • Not an all-terrain wheel.

Once the stroller is assembled, it’s really amazing. You can use the wagon with or without a canopy. The seatbelt is tight enough to buckle them in the right place. A seatbelt can easily adjustable from kid to kid. Excellent quality, easy to fold, and very portable wagon make it very popular. If you have no issue with the wagon, then I believe this is worth every penny.

Would a Triple jogging Stroller be the Right Choice for You?

Before considering the best triple jogging stroller, you should ask yourself how many children you have and how active you are. If you have older children who can walk independently, a triple jogging stroller might not be what you need in your life. But if you have three small children and errands to run or you like to stay active, then a 3 seat jogging stroller might be just the thing you are looking for. It is essential to stay active and not to be cooped up in the house all the time. In addition, it’s healthy to go for walks or jog to keep your body fit.

Children often enjoy going for walks. Stroller rides are a great way for children to explore the sights and sounds around them and get fresh air. These strollers are also helpful for those who babysit multiple small children at the same time and need to take them all out with you. These strollers would be a good choice if you ran a small in-home daycare and wanted to take the children outside for fresh air or on a walk. Many of the stroller models mentioned also have extra storage space, so you can bring anything you may need along with you.

5 Things to consider before purchase – Buying Guide:

I first bought a stroller when my kid was only 6 months old. Honestly speaking, it was not a perfect buying. Then I study a lot about the best stroller for kids and able to know plenty about it. So whenever you want to buy a product for your baby, you better not hurry. Since you are here in this article, that means you need a jogging stroller for the triplet, so I mainly discuss significant things that need to consider while buying the best triple jogging stroller.

Its Size: It is needless to say that triple strollers are big. Still, the stroller’s size must come to the account because of your doorways and path to park from home. A side-by-side stroller is not perfect for narrow doors and very difficult to handle at the turning point of the road.

Its compatibility with car seat: Car seat compatibility is a must considerable feature if you travel a lot with the baby. Just detach the car seat from the car and place it on the stroller if the seat is compatible with the stroller. Though this feature makes the stroller relatively expensive, it is very convenient for children.

Its maneuverability: always remember that light strollers are easy to navigate. But you need a stroller for 3 passengers. Then the funniest thing is finding a light stroller for them. Strollers for triplets are big in size and heavy in weight. So still, you will go for a stroller that’s easy to push, pull, and pivot from those bulky strollers. Better you go for a test drive with 3 little kiddies to check its maneuverability.

Its cost: Triplet strollers are expensive. So, fix your budget and make a narrow search list and keep you on the right track.

Its safety features: Check all the safety features such as harness for baby, brakes in the wheel, sunshade, etc. These features ensure a safe ride for kids, and no parents want anything else when kids are safe.

Would a Triple Jogging Stroller be the Right Choice for You?

Before considering the best triple jogging stroller, you should ask yourself how many children you have and how active you are. If you have older children who can walk independently, a triple jogging stroller might not be what you need in your life. But if you have three small children and errands to run or you like to stay active, then a 3 seat jogging stroller might be just the thing you are looking for. It is important to stay active and not to be cooped up in the house all the time. In addition, it’s healthy to go for walks or jog to keep your body fit.


Children often enjoy going for walks. Stroller rides are a great way for children to explore the sights and sounds around them and get fresh air. These strollers are also helpful for those who babysit multiple small children at the same time and need to take them all out with you. These strollers would be a good choice if you ran a small in-home daycare and wanted to take the children outside for fresh air or on a walk. Many of the stroller models mentioned also have extra storage space, so you can bring anything you may need along with you.


Safety manual- things to remember for triplet stroller:

Since you have a large squad, it is required to be more cautious. Generally, 3 kids are hard to maintain at a time. So carefully handle them whenever you go for a stroll. Alongside as a parent, you have to follow some safety guidelines for them.

  • Use the seat belt or safety harness all the time.
  • Take a rain or weather shield with you for the long run.
  • Before every trip, check the stroller carefully.
  • Before purchase, makes a test drive.
  • Clean the stroller after several days.
  • If the front bar is not available, try to adjust a front safety bar and a footrest.
  • Do not stroll with a newborn for a long time.
  • Take enough liquid or water whenever or wherever you go.


Frequently Asked Question about best triple stroller?


Is running with a triple jogging stroller harder?

The simple answer is yes. As a large stroller, it always creates more hassle to maneuver than a single or double stroller. And frankly speaking, for its multi-passenger and heavyweight, it is not perfect in every terrain.

Can I carry an infant with two toddlers in a triple jogging stroller?

Yes, you can. But most child specialists disallow to stroll an infant. Again triple stroller seat is not perfect for newborns. In this sense, it would be better to avoid strolling with infants if possible.


Does the seat of the triplet stroller recline fully?

For its seating arrangement, it is hard to recline all the seats fully in a triplet stroller. In a side-by-side stroller, seats are recline more than the tandem stroller. Only the seatback seat can recline more in the tandem stroller.

What is the major difference between in-line and tandem stroller?

The major difference in size and seating arrangement. Prior one is wider than its counterpart. Kids generally love the in-line seating arrangement rather than tandem.

Would a triple jogging stroller fit in the car trunk?

Depend on your car trunk size. Most of the triple stroller is not compact after the fold. So, it is tough to keep or store them in any car trunk.



Which Triple Jogging Stroller is Right for You

In conclusion, there are many great options for the best triple jogging strollers for active families with small children. These stroller options are great for those who have twins or triples and others who have small children. These strollers are also great if you babysit or run an in-home daycare. Each stroller has a different feature that may appeal to you based on your stroller needs.

Strollers are a great way to stay active and get things done when you have multiple children in your care at the time. I hope this article will help you decide which jogging stroller is best for you and your family. There are many stroller options on the market. It can be hard to decide which model will work best for your family. Happy shopping, and may the best stroller win!

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