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As a parent bringing a stroller can seem like a great idea when traveling with your baby. A stroller is one of the best ways to bring your child along with you- especially in the bustling environment of an airport. If you have a stroller with you while traveling, your child doesn’t have to walk. They might even fall asleep in the stroller, giving you a bit of relaxation.

But some question may be arising on your mind regarding this issue. Generally, the first question comes that what kinds of stroller can you take on a plane? Or what things to consider when buying a travel stroller? Or how to protect the stroller when flying?

In this article, you may get some tips that might be the answer to all of your questions. If you are in a hurry you can go to our top picks section at the last of this article.

How to protect strollers when flying?

To protect the stroller in the plane is not a big deal. Just follow the instruction of the respective authority. Here some tips to protect the stroller when flying.


To protect the stroller during flying, you can use a stroller bag. Though a stroller bag creates some extra hassle during traveling, it can provide overall protection to your stroller. Additionally, you can store some extra items like a diaper bag, soft toys, nappies etc.


Try to choose a padded stroller bag rather than a normal bag. Padded stroller bags are durable and lightweight. Some airlines give a strong plastic bag but it does not protect the stroller perfectly.


Almost all airline checks the stroller before boarding. If you want to keep your gear clean while it is in the cargo hold, ask a polybag from the ticketing agent. Take some photos of your stroller. You can claim for any damages to the insurance company.


Most of the airlines have some policies for carrying a stroller. Before traveling, try to know their policies. Try to confirm that your stroller is matching with the airline’s imposed policies.


Is stroller allowed in international flight?

In short, the answer is “Yes.” Almost all of the airlines have their policies for carrying a stroller with you. But for most airlines, you can’t take it in the cabin. The stroller goes with you as part of your baggage. So at first, try to know about the airline’s policies carefully. As an example here we described American Airlines Stroller Policy:

  1. Each passenger can take one stroller with them.
  2. They check the stroller at the gate if the stroller weight is less than 20lbs or 9kgs.
  3. If the stroller’s weight is more than that, it will be checked at the ticket counter.
  4. They offer you to check your stroller for free.

Al other airline’s policies for strollers are almost the same. All of them will not get you extra charge for your stroller. But if the stroller is big, then some airlines might treat them as baggage.


What should consider when buying a travel stroller?

Some features that create the main difference between a regular stroller and a travel stroller you should know are-

The main feature of a travel stroller is its lightweight and compact size. Travel strollers considerably lighter and usually a lot compact than a regular stroller. A light stroller may have fewer features than their heavier counterparts and may have less comfort for its fewer features, but most lightweight strollers have other practical features.


If you are traveling with the stroller, then easy to fold is one of the most important features you should look for. Some strollers for travel can be quickly and easily folded up by just one hand. It helps you if you need to carry on your baby with other hands.


Many lightweight strollers offer a recline function and moderate sun canopy. For the comfort and safety of the baby, these two features must need in the stroller. But you may need to compromise on the storage basket.


Some other accessories like parent’s cup holder, toy holder, Sippy cup holder, bag clips may be unavailable to the travel stroller. But you can easily buy these stuff and can easily attach them with the stroller.

So decide which features are a must for you and which features you could compromise on. You can’t find a travel stroller that is lightweight and has a tray.

One additional recommendation:

To nullify the possibilities of damaging your own and favorite stroller during traveling, rent a stroller or ask your friends/family to bring a stroller for you as they pick you up at the airport.

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