What is a travel system stroller & How to choose for you

Travel with baby- the most memorable and precious moments for every parent. But this nice moment converts into a worse one if your baby is in any disturbance.  So while traveling, it can be said that convenience is everything. That’s why a travel system stroller is handy for your kids. You can take them with you, whether your big road trip or just a trip around town.


A travel system stroller is nothing but having a compatible infant car seat. You can easily clip that seat with a stroller or fit it into the car, depending on necessity. So the travel system stroller makes your travel very easy. You can quickly move your sleeping baby from stroller to car or car to stroller without disturbing her.

What to considered when buying a travel system

When you have a perfect travel system, life becomes very easy when it comes to using it. So you need to know some features of the best travel system.
  1. Whatever you buy for your baby, always think of safety and comfortable for them. You always go for the seat which can go fully flat. There many models available in the market that have a stroller seat that reclines flat, which is the best comfortable position for your toddler. For safety, you can check out its test and safety score.
  2. The car seat is the most important in this type of stroller. Make sure that it can be easily compatible with your car brand.
  3. Its mainframe should fold compact enough to fit into a car boot. It should be light enough also to carry when not in use.
  4. Ease of use is another important feature. Easy car installation, easy to maneuver, easy to fold, and easy to carry all things should consider.
Some other features you also check are:
  1. Safety harness system
  2. The fabric of the car seat- how breathable of the material.
  3. Weight of car seat
  4. Roomy seat
  5. Select the car seat based on your kid’s age and weight

How to use a travel stroller system safely?

For safety use, you should follow some steps that are-

  • Try to clip the car seat properly into the stroller or car. Practice yourself more and more before your baby’s sitting on it. When your baby sits on a seat, make sure that it is fully attached.
  • There are a lot of pieces in the travel system, and all of them have a purpose. When you put the system together, make sure to include all of those pieces.
  • Check the JPMA seal that indicates the system passed safety standards. Look for the product expiration date carefully. The older model doesn’t have the latest safety features.
  • Whenever you use the system at first, tie up your kids with the seat belt.
  • Don’t put your kids into the stroller for a long time. After every two hours, bring them out from the car seat.


Whether you go for, a Travel System or separate car seat plus stroller?

If you are a new parent, it can make you feel dizzy because there are variants of travel systems, car seats, and strollers available in the market. You have to make the right decision for your kids. But which one is best for you – A travel system, infant car seat and stroller combo?

Both options have some pros and cons. You have to know about the main difference between these two options. If you go for the travel system stroller, you will get a stroller and infant car seat from the same brand. They are working together without any adapters. If you go for an alternative option, you have a stroller and infant car seat that will require an adaptor for the infant car seat.

Difference between Travel system stroller and Car seat combo stroller

Choose a travel system is more convenient than the other. But first, you have to ensure the quality of the ready-to-buy set. Most of the travel systems available in the market are the ancient model. Some modern ready travel system if they can fulfill your needs then must go for it. But if they fail to meet your needs, then no need to be a worry. Choose the best stroller from the market and infant car seat with the best quality. But the main thing to consider that the stroller is compatible with any brand car seat without any adaptor.

Based on your lifestyle, your car brand, and your necessity, you can choose any option from these two. The main pros and cons of these options are mention in below:


Option Pros


Travel system as a set
  • convenient system
  • no need to buy additional parts
  • easy to clip with the stroller


  • Sometimes the quality of the stroller and car seat may not be equal.
  • The number of travel systems in the market is not very high.
  • Very bulky.
A stroller plus infant car seat combo
  • You can choose the best stroller and modern car seat.
  • Can select different types of stroller
  • Need not to compromise with any features.
  • Sometimes need an adaptor to attach the seat with the stroller
  • Comparatively more challenging to clip the seat with a stroller.
  •  Expensive option 





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