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Reader Question: What’s the best stroller? What do you think of prams?


I am looking for a stroller that is affordable, under $200, and will last me a long time, one that a toddler can use too. Also, I am in Chicago, so I need something with nice big wheels and shocks. What stroller is best for me?



Hi John,

Prams are very comfortable for infants, but they will have to be eventually replaced as the baby gets bigger. If the price is in consideration, a Baby Jogger Travel System will be the best option. It is built for prolonged walking and shock exposure with its bigger wheels. It can also accommodate children from newborn to toddler age. Baby Jogger’s strollers can range anywhere from well below $200 to well beyond it. It is a durable city stroller that will be well-adaptable to Chicago’s streets.


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